Gifting Secondhand Items for Christmas

Some people will tell you they don’t believe In gifting secondhand. Well I am not some people and we aren’t going to listen to them. There are so many reasons why we should be gifting secondhand. Firstly let us talk about what secondhand is. I mean it seems self explanatory but a little dictionary definition never hurt anyone. Secondhand items are simply used items that once belonged to someone else. That person can be you or another person. If we are talking thrifting secondhand, it’s definitely another person. Okay so we got what secondhand is out of the way. Let’s dive into the WHY. 


I believe gifting secondhand items foster creativity, authenticity, and eco friendliness. It’s no secret that sustainability and shopping secondhand aids in saving the planet. We will get into that last. Creativity. You really have to think outside of the box and come up with some dope ideas when gifting secondhand. You want the items to be heartfelt and thought out. You can’t just gift a towel and be done with it. The gift receiver will be grateful but in their heads, they are saying what the fuck! Now thinking outside the box. Find a cute towel in your home or at the thrift store and get it embroidered with the recipient’s initials. You could also create a cute basket with towels, soap, body wash, and other bath necessities. Being creative with your secondhand gift ideas will elevate them for sure. Now let’s get into authenticity. It takes nothing to google Christmas gift ideas or simply buy something from Amazon. When you use your creativity and gift secondhand items, it becomes so authentic and personal.

We all know Coronavirus hit us hard. It made us hold our families closer and live life with purpose and meaning. What better way to show your appreciation for your family than with a heartfelt and personal gift. Okay so you’ve seen the creativity and authenticity. Let’s briefly talk about the eco friendliness of gifting secondhand items. Whether you are gifting a secondhand item you owned or someone else owned, you are saving items from going to landfills. Our landfills are already overflowing and consumption of goods is continuously rising. This small step of gifting secondhand items will slow down items going to landfills and the consumption of new goods. 


Now if you’ve read this far, you’re probably like where the hell can I find Christmas worthy items to gift? Well you know I’m going to say it if no one else does. The thrift store my friend. Take a day and really search that thrift store. Maybe even go to a few stores in your area. Thrift stores are overflowing with goodies from vintage to modern. You may even get lucky and score an antique.  Listen you will get surprised at some things you can find in the thrift store. There’s something for everyone and that is the cold hard truth. Men love electronics, sports, games and some even love clothes. Look thoroughly and be prepared to be amazed. You may score nostalgic items which are perfect for gift giving. I for one am looking for nostalgic games for my husband. He’s a collector and most people score them in the thrift store. Women generally love clothes, purses, shoes, home decor and jewelry. All can be found in the thrift stores. Let’s not forget the children. Books, clothes, and toys are great items in the thrift stores to gift children. You have a grandma who wants to be fresh and clean for church, 2 piece sets are popular in the thrift store my friends. We can’t leave out the grandpas okay. We know they like hats, suits, fishing, golfing, and many other things. These items can be found in thrift stores. We aren’t beating a dead pony here. When I tell you there’s something for everyone in thrift stores, I truly mean it. 

 Let’s leave the taboo conversations about gifting secondhand and get to it. I hope these  viewpoints have persuaded you in some way to gift secondhand items. If not this year then definitely next year. Happy holidays and happy secondhand gift giving my friends.



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